Sheba: 1-19-2005 to 9-20-2013.
We will always miss your gentle little self.
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Symphony and Kashi had 7 puppies!!
3 black males, 1 red male, 1 red female and 1 black female
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I prefer not to ship, but if it is necessary, the airfare is approximately $350.00. Most airlines require payment up front so it must be received prior to the puppy leaving. I will only fly puppies to locations that are about 4 hours max flight time. Many times, people will fly here and then back home with their puppy and this is much preferred. If you choose this option then you would pay the airfare for yourself and the puppy directly to the airlines, (I believe the airlines charge a small fee for your puppy onboard), and we meet you at the Sacramento airport with your puppy, and provide you with a Health Certificate to accomodate your puppy.

Another option that works great is that we will drive the puppy up to 500 miles if you will pay our round trip fuel cost. Ultimately, we prefer to find local homes where people come here to meet their puppy and are able to meet the parents and have a more relaxed encounter. The comfort and care of the puppies is our main concern.

Puppies have been examined by our Veterinarian and have received their first and second vaccines and they are now ready for their new homes.

They will receive the best care, will be socialized, accustomed to bathing and brushing, harness and leash and will be fed a variety of healthy foods: scrambled eggs, hamburger, cheese, shredded chicken, yogurt, pasta and Pedigree canned dog food for easy transition to their new owners feeding type. We do not feed our puppies dry kibbles.

Our puppies have a proper Chow look, nice pedigree and great personalities. This pedigree is quite excellent and you can verify this on the internet through AKC and any other site who posts pedigrees. We don't breed often and don't anticipate any litters for quite awhile.